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A Professional Guide to Earn Citizenship in Canada for New Immigrants

It is true that there have been quite a couple of reforms in the Canadian Immigration Rules. These rules are very strict to maintain. However, it is not so hard to comprehend the changes as well. The changes are targeted against anti-social elements to make sure the peace and security of Canadian Citizens are not compromised at any cost.

There is a professional guide and rule for new immigrants. These rules will aptly describe some of the changes that have been put into place. For example, nowadays forced marriage is strictly considered illegal and prohibited even if the immigrant has been married twice elsewhere.

In other words, even if it is legal in the immigration aspirant’s native country, Canada does not allow immigrants to enter with more than one lawfully wedded spouse. That is because in Canada, it is truly illegal to be married to more than one person at a time.

Undoubtedly, a professional guidebook includes numerous interesting tidbits such as the tipping etiquette in the country, driving advice especially for dealing with snow covered roads and measures to deal with obnoxious internet content.

The professional guidebook helps many individuals in many possible ways, including offering suggestions on how to land the right jobs and improving of one’s language skills and capabilities. A downloadable guide has been developed at a normal cost with the intention to integrate immigrants to mainstream.

Published by the Canadian Department of Citizenship and Immigrants, the guidebook is being endorsed officially to help the immigrants aspirants follow the right steps to gain entry into the country. The practical information in the guidebook will positively help new immigrants to earn the citizenship badge in the country.

Furthermore, from city maps and guides to phone book of important phone numbers, a lot of things are expertly clarified for new immigrants. There is expert advice and academic research along with past experiences of other immigrants as well.